Friday, 29 July 2011

What I've Been Up To In My Sketchbook This Week

This was an idea for 'Monday Mornings' I quite like it but haven't got any further with it. I wanted to draw a mardy Persian cat as that's how I feel on Mondays.

This is for Thin Lips and Polka Dots. Just a quick idea. I was going to use the figure below and give her polka dot shorts but I thought that was too normal and they might say it was boring...but I like the figure so I'm using her for 'Jungle Fever'. It'll be like a fashion illustration for animal print clothes. I didn't feel models really have thin lips so that's why I changed it to an old person too. With a polka dot blouse! 

Also, I will work on drawing a better face, I feel it lets the rest of the drawing down at the minute.

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