Thursday, 4 August 2011

I can't use colour

I can't use colour. I should stick to greyscale. 
I can't really be bothered to draw out all the lines for page size etc again though so this'll have to do. Unless I get a sudden burst of motivation.


  1. Keep going, i have the same problem, the best way to do it is have quite a lot of paint on youre pallete, that way you'll have enough to mix colours and stuff, i always get pissed off with it, but enough paint and you'll mix the colours, you probably wont get as annoyed. trust me, it should make it better for you :)

  2. I used ink and I never meant to go that dark on the actually house part but I did and then obviously you can't go back :/ Don't know if I can be bothered to do it again. Starting to feel rushed. Got final ideas for each piece but I can never push it to the proper final piece. D: GAH