Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Kitty and Bear - The Middle Of Nowhere

Just thought I'd show how I did my kitty and bear piece as I re-did it today. First attempt went wrong when I smudged ink on it but that can just be my client visual... :p
First I measured the paper up so my tree could be in the middle.

 Masking tape to stop the ink running too far.
Painted the trunk.

Then made a puddle of ink at the top and blew! XD

Drew the ?'s on. You can see the smudges at the bottom of the trunk so I started again from scratch.

Final, final piece. I think I'm done with this project now apart from I did hardly any research so I'll need to do that to get my marks up.

Holly's Antics

Went to sit out with Holly for a bit today because it was super sunny and she likes company whilst bird watching. 

Then she decided to sprawl out under the exact chair I was sat on so I couldn't actually move. Carefully got out and took some pictures. This is becoming a regular habit. 

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