Monday, 30 May 2011

Tshirt Update

Final 3 versions. The last one is how I coloured it and the top two are when I decided to cheat and fiddle with filters...
Sent off for the last one on a white tshirt...

Tshirt Design in Progress

I am currently drawing a design for a tshirt. Jack wanted a tshirt with his guitar on and his guitar has a bit of a Japanese theme to it with cherry blossoms so I thought I'd draw a girl with the guitar which turned into a samurai type thing. The sword is abit crappy and I may photoshop the guitar in becuase it is horrible trying to draw all the strings in a straight line, so close together.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Not that anyone really cares...

but here is my bookcase! (Well it holds more than just books but...)

I spent most of tonight 'tidying' everything into some kind of organised mess and thought I would share with everyone (the 3 and a half people that might read this) what kind of books and DVDs and useless junk I like. Perhaps if you are bored you can try and work out what all of the blurry DVDs say...Or perhaps no one is that bored. Although, currently, I am. So I'm going to play that game myself even though I already know what they are. Now I am waffling.

Good day.

Monday, 23 May 2011

It is my birthday tomorrow :)

Tomorrow it is my birthday. So kitty gets to have a party with Steve the dinosaur and Leyroy the bear and lots of crisps and cakes etc.
Also I thought I would tell you about the things i'm planning to blog about in the next few months. I am hoping to try and grow a bonsai tree at some point which could either go really well or terrible. I would like to include my progress with this in my blog, even though i'm no gardener, i've just always wanted to try and grow a bonsai tree, they're pretty. I have a few projects to do over summer so they'll be on here as I go along. There will also be more kitty pictures of course. Maybe even tomorrow if I have a good birthday. :P Oh, and I have a new passion for buying arty books. I'm probably buying too many but I may post pictures and attempt to review them and such. I made some cakes last week with orange juice in the sponge and Disaronno in the butter cream. They were the best cakes EVER, but I took no pictures (not that they looked anything special), but perhaps when I get free time I shall blog about cakes. :D