Saturday, 7 April 2012

Astronomer thinking about Working Together

Astronomer thinking about Working Together.
Doesn't really relate to that phrase that well, but...ummm... 


  1. This is awesome Sarah. What materials have you used? I really like the effect! x

    1. Hello! :D
      Thanks, they are amazing Molotow pens! They're very pricey but brilliant because it's just a pen. D: I am trying to slowly buy all the colours.
      And it's just on top of purple card. x

    2. Ooh awesome, I shall check them out sometime! When I have money that is haha.
      It looks brilliant, hope the tutors think so too :) x

  2. This is really good, i love how you capture this personality of the group while retaining individuality. The colour schemes all work well together.
    I can see your work appearing in shop windows soon enough in some big advertising campaign.

  3. This is brilliant! tutors are gonna love it! x