Sunday, 5 August 2012

Character 3

Today I got a sudden burst of motivation and wrote a crazy amount of my dissertation. Then as if that wasn't enough I thought I'd have a go at another character. That part didn't go as well as the dissertation. I tried to make a model earlier this week in the style of Pete Fowler, but apparently I wasn't born to make beautiful sculptures...they just fall over in the oven and then never stand up again. So then I thought I'd paint my character instead...and it was going well but then I thought, 'Oh, he uses black line, maybe i'll just...' ARGH, I'VE RUINED EVERYTHING. *Tantrum*

So yea, maybe I will leave this for a while and never look at it again. Maybe i'm over reacting slightly...maybe.

So, so far I have 3 characters done and I like a grand total of 1 of them.
I am on track with my dissertation so it's not a complete disaster. 
Next week I'll be attempting my Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes characters. There may be many tantrums ahead...

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