Friday, 5 October 2012

Characters in a Social Situation

This is my final piece for the characters project. I knew from the start it would probably not go too well with having so many elements in one picture and sure enough it's not gone too well... I was happyish with the final idea and wanted to do it digitally. But as I'm still fairly new with the whole digital thing, I didn't have time to get it done that way (and wasted half a day trying, in the process along with a few hours having a mental breakdown). I then turned to acrylics and it is pretty rushed because I have the editorial looming over me and all these competitions which I'm already worrying about, time wise. I don't think I made a definite decision on whether I was keeping all the characters in their original style or making them all the same. I also struggled with colours. This has not made me feel very good about the rest of the year! Maybe it's because it's the first project after coming back. The last few projects of second year went really well and now I feel like I've gone right back to square one.

So yea, I'll probably be wanting to re-do this one.

Today I'll be attempting to get on with the editorial for Monday. It involves giant trifles.

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