Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sketchbook final piece 'plans'

This is a plan for a little fold out mini book thing as for each poet I choose I want to do three normal illustrations and then one 'extra promotional item' (not sure if promotional item is the right phrase for it...) 

This is a plan for an illustration to accompany the poem Mary Pugh by Spike Milligan. 
Mary Pugh was nearly two when she went out of doors
She went out standing up, she did, but came back on all fours
The moral of this story, please meditate and pause
Never send a baby out in loosely waisted drawers.

Illustration ideas for the poem Bump by Spike Milligan.

Illustration plan to accompany this Spike Milligan poem:
 I'm not frightened of Pussy Cats. They only eat up mice and rats, But a Hippopotamus Could eat the Lotofus

Next job is to plan out the colours etc. and the get feedback and then do the final pieces and move on to the next set of poems!

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