Monday, 14 January 2013

The Wind in the Willow Competition Development

I'm hoping to do both the Wind in the Willows AND The Big Sleep competitions but I've been tackling this one first as I found the kids book easier to read... :p

One of my ideas is a picnic scene and I have experimented with colour and where the text might go today. I find it easier sometimes to go straight to the computer and draw out ideas like this on Photoshop with my tablet rather than sketching the idea over and over to get it right. This helps me work out what kind of look I'm going for I think...

So this is by no means a final plan or anything. Just a kind of 'digital sketch' to help me work out where text might go etc.


  1. This is great, loving the colour choice. very scenic.

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to avoid drawing the cute characters in a scene cos that would be my comfort zone xD opting for attractive colours instead...hopefully.

  2. Love this! Good luck with the competition :)

    Soph x