Friday, 22 March 2013

FMP continued

This is an idea for another DPS for a very short poem by John Hegley. 

More on this when I start working on it...

Below is what I'm working on this week. For each poet I've picked  I am making a couple of DPS's and then an extra bit (like the fold out monkey book). I was going to do another pull out book but then thought back to the first year when we made fold out posters and thought this format would fit what I want to do. SO this is sketchbook work for a fold out A3 poster based on the poem My Cat Plumduff by Charles Causley about a cat that prefers to sit up a tree. I have turned it into an excuse to draw lots of making it into a poster showing where Plumduff attemps to sleep before finding his perfect spot. 

Also, my original plan was to actually make the book of poems but as time has gone on I have realised I may have to cut down on the number of pages/poems I wanted to illustrate because I think I've set myself far too much work for the time scale. So there are three poem/illustrations for Spike Milligan, but I've had to cut down to two each for the other two poets I picked. Along with 3 mini items to go with each poet. Instead of making a proper book (which was a bit ambitious) it might be close to a little booklet... Either way I can't put a booklet or book on an exhibition wall, just the double page spreads so I suppose it doesn't matter too much... (I'm waffling on trying to work this out now)

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