Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wind In The Willows

Now the pain of adding text.... *-*

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Grumpy Monkey

Well! After much confusion trying to work out how to layout the monkeys so that I could print it on an A4 page and cut it, fold it and have it fold out like a book, I have finally mastered it! 

This will be finished whenever I get to uni next as the final thing will be printed on uni printers (much better results than my own) and then I will make a little cover for it.

I have discovered I love making little books.

I'm hoping uni printers will pick up the different shades of grey in the monkeys jacket because my printer has not! If it doesn't I'll have to rethink the jacket...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mock-Up Mini Fold Out Book

For the monkey poem as well as doing the final illustration I plan to make a little fold out book showing a grumpy monkey waiting for his bus to get to work! I plan to make little extras like this for quite a few of these poems and hopefully put them all in a nice little box at the end.

Here is the plan...

The cover is just printer paper here but i'll print the final thing onto card so you can't see through the other side...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mary Pugh Plan


Sketchbook final piece 'plans'

This is a plan for a little fold out mini book thing as for each poet I choose I want to do three normal illustrations and then one 'extra promotional item' (not sure if promotional item is the right phrase for it...) 

This is a plan for an illustration to accompany the poem Mary Pugh by Spike Milligan. 
Mary Pugh was nearly two when she went out of doors
She went out standing up, she did, but came back on all fours
The moral of this story, please meditate and pause
Never send a baby out in loosely waisted drawers.

Illustration ideas for the poem Bump by Spike Milligan.

Illustration plan to accompany this Spike Milligan poem:
 I'm not frightened of Pussy Cats. They only eat up mice and rats, But a Hippopotamus Could eat the Lotofus

Next job is to plan out the colours etc. and the get feedback and then do the final pieces and move on to the next set of poems!

Monday, 14 January 2013

The Wind in the Willow Competition Development

I'm hoping to do both the Wind in the Willows AND The Big Sleep competitions but I've been tackling this one first as I found the kids book easier to read... :p

One of my ideas is a picnic scene and I have experimented with colour and where the text might go today. I find it easier sometimes to go straight to the computer and draw out ideas like this on Photoshop with my tablet rather than sketching the idea over and over to get it right. This helps me work out what kind of look I'm going for I think...

So this is by no means a final plan or anything. Just a kind of 'digital sketch' to help me work out where text might go etc.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Monkey plan!

Today I've been testing out how I want to do the final piece for the monkey poem. 
Obviously in the final thing there will be more monkeys but for the test there is just one grumpy one on his own. :(
I also need to decide whether to half this picture and have the poem on a blank page next to it or to use this dps and have the poem along the top. 


First illustration sketches for my book of poems.
This is to accompany this poem by Spike Milligan:

Look at all those monkeys
Jumping in their cage.
Why don't they all go out to work
And earn a decent wage?
How can you say such silly things,
And you a son of mine?
Imagine monkeys travelling on
The Morden-Edgware line!
But what about the Pekinese!
They have an allocation.
'Don't travel during Peke hour',
It says on every station.
My Gosh, you're right, my clever boy,
I never thought of that!
And so they left the monkey house,
While an elephant raised his hat.